ACL lands small business partner, 11th Hour Service

VANCOUVER, CANADA, July 2017 – ACL Services Ltd. and 11th Hour Service have finalized a deal that establishes 11th Hour Service as the only small-business certified partner in the U.S. Federal market.

This partnership allows ACL and 11th Hour Service to integrate 11th Hour Service’s existing risk advisory domain capabilities with a proven software platform whose roots are grounded in the risk community. The collaboration empowers Federal clients through process automation and innovation that is as dynamic as the Federal environment. The key elements of the partnership include:

  • Technology and service provider integration previously not seen at this scale;
  • Establishes a two-way feedback loop between 11th Hour Service and ACL’s product management team ensuring solutions are optimized and aligned with the most recent and relevant guidance, standards, and trends;
  • Deployment solutions that are customized to each agency;
  • Training and development that is not offer to non-partners; and
  • Professionals that are certified in the tools that they are using.

These key elements will assist Federal clients in reducing the cost of compliance by automating the traditional administrative and recurring functions, and by strengthening the ability to provide decision makers with the insights needed to inform their decisions.

“We are excited to have a strategic partner that shares our values as well as our passion for innovation in the Federal community. This partnership truly enables our firms to join forces in a way that creates value for our customers. True value – not theoretical or hypothesized value. It will be realized, quantifiable value through innovation, efficiencies, and cost saving”, says Sean Vineyard, Director at 11th Hour Service.